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Bathymetric Maps of Various Coves and Areas of Deep Creek Lake

This is a collection of preliminary maps that we have produced using the over 600,000 measurements taken by Maryland's Department of the Natural Resources in the spring (April) of 2012.

The maps were developed with the "R" language for data processing and plotting, and produced in different resolutions, 5ft, 10ft, 20ft, and 40 ft. They were also produced with different methodologies. The maps that have been published here are the best of the batch, namely with the 10ft resolution and an interpolation method that provides results that appear to be good.

If interested in how these maps were generated go to the technical details page.

The coves and areas covered are shown in this overall map of Deep Creek Lake.

  1. Anglers Cove
  2. Arrowhead Cove
  3. Blakeslee
  4. Carmel Cove
  5. Deep Creek Cove
  6. Deep Creek Bridge
  7. East Deep Creek Bridge
  8. Glendale Bridge
  9. Green Glade Cove
  10. All of Green Glade
  11. Harveys Cove
  12. Hickory Ridge
  13. High Mountain Sport
  14. Hoop Pole
  15. Lakeshore-1
  16. Lakeshore-2
  17. McHenry Coves
  18. North Glade East
  19. Pawn Run Cove
  20. Penn Cove
  21. Poland Run
  22. South Center
  23. South West
  24. Sky Valley
  25. Turkey Neck
  26. Savage Cove
  27. Glen Cove
  28. Gravelly Run
  29. Sandy Beach
  30. Hazelhurst

Other maps:

  1. DNR's 2012 Bathymetry Map of Deep Creek Lake (49.3 MB)
  2. USGS's 2007-2008 Bathymetry Map of Deep Creek Lake (0.4 MB)